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Plenty of parents take their kids to PG superhero movies, but far fewer are likely to take them to a gory, R-rated vampire flick, even one that happens to star a Marvel Comics character.

Somewhere in byzantine tax codes Toy Biz v. United States , dolls representing humans end up getting taxed heavier than toys not representing people such as dollhouse tables or kitty cats or whatever.

To capitalize on this during the release of the X-Men movie, attorneys for Marvel successfully argued that mutants are not people.

They got the favorable tax rate — and the X-Men's main message was completely broken. This sets a worrying legal precedent Back in the early s, there were Alien and Predator toys geared for kids.

Yes, you heard right. A toy franchise based on two R-rated movie franchises. This included a facehugger that slips over the human action figure's head and a baby Xenomorph.

Earlier than that — an Alien action figure was in toy stores back in the s immediately after the film was released.

It was said to be the first ever toy based on an R-rated movie. Apparently they are pretty expensive these days, for collectors who want to get their hands on one.

After all, what kid wouldn't want a set with a Kane action figure featuring "real chestburster action"? It gets better or worse: They're adorable, but it's difficult to picture a child playing with a cuddly facehugger.

And let's not forget Rambo - because kids definitely need a figure representing a near psychotic Vietnam vet who destroyed most of the town in First Blood.

Not to mention the original ending has him committing suicide. One of the most infamous? Designed to look like shrapnel. Judgment Day line of action figures, released to tie in with a very violent R-rated movie.

While Terminator 2 is quite toned down from the first for one thing the terminator is no longer a killer, but a kid friendly bodyguard that does what you say it was still an R rated movie that no kid has any business seeing.

T2 also had a plug in the July issue of Disney Adventures including a villain feature that highlighted the T a liquid metal killer that brutally executes multiple people over the course of the film.

In a magazine that's marketed to children. What were they thinking? There have been toys and a cartoon series made of RoboCop , an already R-rated feature that almost got slapped with an X rating just for how violent it is, and openly features nudity, heavy swearing and Black Comedy and a lot of satire on such subjects like capitalism, corrupt corporations, and public apathy that would fly right over the heads of any kid.

There's also a Korean fried chicken commercial that makes the film look like a family feature. Coloring and puzzle books for the David Lynch film Dune , which features graphic violence and murders, lots of folks in latex and tubes up their noses, a pus-faced psychopath who kills his male sex slaves by uncorking their hearts, and of course a gigantic fish mutant with a vagina mouth.

The coloring book makes sure to provide lines on Baron Harkonnen's face so children can choose different colors for his facial pustules.

The movie is rated PG, but this was just months after the rating was introduced in ; it's possible Universal expected a PG when they inked the licensing deals, anticipating a Star Wars -esque hit.

The first Star Wars prequel was merchandised to hell and back. Learn Letter Sounds With Sebulba coloring book; nothing like having a murderous bully who is willing to cheat in a podrace and kill anyone who gets in his way to win, including a child racer , teach your kids how to learn letter sounds, especially when you consider that he doesn't or can't even speak basic!

There's also something both disturbing and hilarious in the fact that there's an official Anakin Skywalker lightsaber toy that changes from blue to red with the push of a button, so kids can switch from good to evil just as easily as Anakin.

At least he has all his extremities Darth Vader is one of the most successful examples of Misaimed Marketing in pop culture, as a Breakout Villain that became the Series Mascot.

Disney's Star Wars movies, at least, seem to be aware of this phenomenon. The entire issue is deconstructed with the character of Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens , who can be summed up as "how would a typical Darth Vader fanboy fare in a universe where Vader was a very real person who committed very real atrocities?

Both Ren and Vader continue to suffer from the same sort of misaimed marketing. There is a Jar Jar Binks talking alarm clock doll that tells the time, says phrases from the film, and is able to wake you up A Christian spoof site may have noticed this, and wrote an article warning parents of the potential the doll has to be used as a masturbation toy , although they got some of the details of the doll wrong, like how they claim the doll is life-sized, and they leave out the fact that the doll vibrates.

There was actually an Austin Powers talking doll with two intended releases: And yes, the media made a predictable uproar about it.

Someone lost their job over that marketing decision, you better believe. Whether or not it was someone who had even met the actual decision-maker is another story.

A toyline tied in with the Alec Baldwin version of The Shadow. Yes, that film received a PG many feel doing so undermined the film , but the film still keeps the Shadow as an outlaw who works without police approval Commissioner Wainright Barth mentions early in the film that he will order his subordinates to stop the Shadow from interfering in police business.

The film also depicts the Shadow as a reformed opium warlord who had a rival slain, even though doing so also slew one of his own loyal men.

A Freddy stress doll and a Freddy yo-yo. The idea of kids' meal toys for PG movies isn't new, but Avatar has too many adult themes and is too obscure among kids to really deserve a Happy Meal line.

They also have a reusable sticker book. Next thing we know, they're going to have coloring and activity books for the sequel.

Oh wait, they already have those. There was some feminist outrage over the marketing of an action figure based on Quentin Tarantino's character in Planet Terror , who is credited simply as "Rapist".

Some of it was possibly-justified disgust at seeing action figures labeled "Rapist" in stores, but some people who weren't aware of the adult geek market for action figures assumed that they must have been being marketed to children.

And then the same thing happened again with Django Unchained , where action figures were pulled after only a couple of days on sale after protests from African-Americans that the toys were making light of slavery.

Inevitably, those that did get sold are now going for stupid prices on auction sites. Jurassic Park subvert this, as they have parent notes on the back.

Dinosaurs are just awesome to kids in general; plenty of people had them in one form or another long before the JP movies were released.

The connection to JP is probably just because it's easier to brand something as "Movie-related dinosaur with flesh-eating action!!

Some of the toys let you do "dino-damage" as per the commercials in your action figures' dino fights. Yes, you can have your toy get its flesh ripped off, showing muscle and bone beneath.

You know, for kids! Nothing says "making homicidal genetic hybrids is a terrible idea" like toys that allow you to make homicidal genetic hybrids!

There's a Roger Rabbit game where the goal is to flip toons into Dip. Short video here by Jeepers Media. The best part is that the word "ass" is obscured on the packaging both times it appears, first by graphics of the characters, and then by a spray-paint smudge effect, so the figure can be sold at more mainstream retailers like Toys 'R' Us.

There are also Halloween costumes. Barbie dolls of the various Bond Girls. Yes, they had the white bikini. As far as Barbie dolls go, there are two kinds - the kid toy "Pink Box" Barbies, and the "Black Box" ones marketed to collectors, which tend to be more for adults.

But to a lot of people, a Barbie is a Barbie, whether it's meant for kids or not. The release of The Hunger Games in theaters brought out bushels of merchandise.

Some of the things include a magnetic story book recommended for ages 5 and up , tribute bracelets, figurines of the tributes, costume replicas, and socks.

Nothing says family friendly like children being forced to brutally murder each other for entertainment! A particularly Egregious case of this is the commemorative pin that is a replica of Katniss' Mockingjay pin.

While it seems nice, anyone who's read the book would know the importance of the pin and why it probably shouldn't be given as a present lightly.

A Starship Troopers toyline was released by Galoob in Yes, a toyline based on an R-rated film that has lots of blood, gore, political satire, and nudity.

Judge Dredd had a range of action figures. The movie is toned down significantly from the ultra-violent and cynical comic, but is still hardly for kids; Dredd is still a totalitarian beat cop from a crime-ridden Dystopia , after all.

More bewildering is the fact that in order to bulk the range out, it included several decidedly kid-unfriendly characters from the comic who don't appear in the film, including Judge Death, an Omnicidal Maniac whose favourite modus operandi consists of ripping people's beating hearts out of their chests, and has even murdered children on-panel.

Burger King had Kids' Meal toys which were tie-ins with the movie Twilight: Eclipse — a PG film. Creating tie-in toys was apparently a real strain: Basically, it's PG for a reason.

So imagine the stupidity behind the release of a children's book around Falcon, with the immortal lines: He was out hurting other people!

There was a lot of child-aimed merchandise for the Ghostbusters remake, including toys aimed at children as young as 3, "I Can Read! Considering the movie opens with a joke about queefing, this is an The TRON franchise is a very odd case.

Yes, it's a Disney flick. However, it's a product of the Disney Dark Age where the studio was willing to try much Darker and Edgier fare to try and compete in the marketplace.

The films and animated series contain some sexual humor, heavy duty religious themes, and a ton of Family-Unfriendly Violence only the fact it's Bloodless Carnage saves it from being outright R-rated.

The one part of the franchise now discredited that got a Teen rating was a first-person shooter , that had a comparatively Lighter and Softer tone than the animated series!

The merch, like clothing, toys, and coloring books were all aimed for kids. There have been tons of toys spun-off from the James Bond franchise.

Although, rather counter-intuitively, the Bond films or, at least, the Sean Connery and Roger Moore ones have always been considered family-friendly productions, they're still about a spy who kills a lot of people and sleeps with a lot of women.

But kids could still buy Bond dolls and toy guns and cars. To tie in with the release of A View to a Kill , a line of read-along storybooks were released - a narrator reads the text on a vinyl record or cassette and the children follow along - adapting the plots of several Bond films.

This was also around the same time a cartoon series, James Bond Jr. Half this, half Misaimed Fandom: People make replicas of the One Ring as wedding rings.

What does that say about your marriage? There's also Lord of the Rings navel piercing rings! Rowling rejected a lot of hypothetical Harry Potter merch.

Her least favourite idea was the "Moaning Myrtle toilet seat". This mindset makes the existence of this Quidditch "levitation skill game" even more odd.

How many Harry Potter fans actually wanted to know firsthand what an earwax-flavored Bertie Bott Bean tasted like anyway?

Jelly Belly apparently used bad flavor mixes for the nasty ones the vomit-flavored bean was an abandoned attempt at making a pizza-flavored candy.

There's also the "slime chamber" playset, released around the time of the second film. What this has to do with Harry Potter is anyone's guess, as there is nothing resembling a slime chamber in any of the books or films.

Oh, and the Harry Potter action figures you're supposed to pour the slime on, Nickelodeon-style , aren't even included in the set!

Really, the closest tie to Harry Potter is the fact that the slime chamber rather vaguely resembles the Chamber of Secrets. Cute Scabbers plushies were made in conjunction with the first two movies, when anyone who'd read the third book, released two years before the first film, would already know that Scabbers turns out to be a creepy little man who betrayed Harry's parents to Voldemort.

They had Twilight toys at Burger King. Not only that, but half of the toys were for girls and half were purportedly for boys.

Predictably, the toys stayed in bargain bins months after the promotion ended. Not to mention the Twilight Barbie dolls.

The Edward doll has glitter skin. There's also a Jacob doll which comes wearing only its pants. Matchbox once did a Mercury Sable wagon from The '80s!

Breaking Bad plushies and action figures exist. Because who doesn't want a huggable version of a former chemistry teacher turned vicious drug kingpin?

Notably, a petition started by a concerned mother in Florida resulted in Toys 'R Us removing the action figures from the chain's toy stores although they were present in an "adult" action figure section away from the majority of the toys.

CSI , despite being adult-oriented, has crime scene kits for kids, even if they're aimed toward older kids. Also there are a series of kids' chapter books based on the series, although with more kid-friendly subject matter than the series.

Hasbro's Rocktivity toys may sound reasonable, until you get to the fine print: Keep in mind that these toys are meant for toddlers.

One toy in the franchise, a piano, plays three arguably adult songs. Pro wrestling figures, a sport not meant for kids in the slightest, though even during the Attitude Era kids still watched!

When the entirety of WWE went TV-PG the Periphery Demographic of children was even more aggressively marketed towards, and even though the programming is now Lighter and Softer , it's still a bunch of sweaty musclemen beating each other up, hardly something a young kid ought to be watching.

WWE infamously threw a bigger fit over Ring of Honor continuing to make money off the sale of Kevin Steen action figures after they signed him than they ever did over anyone selling DVDs and Kevin " antichrist " Steen action figures are themselves an example.

Wendy's Japan did a movie tie-in for, of all things, Titus. Yes, Julie Taymor's R-rated adaptation of Shakespeare's bloodiest play, which culminates in two characters being cooked into a pie and fed to their mother.

Tarantula, the sinister spider in black from Zarkana The first live-action movie is rated PG, yet the toyline includes some gimmick-based assortments, including a cutesy "Cyber Slammers" version of the deadly Decepticon tank Brawl a.

Parent groups were not happy. The Star Wars Transformers line. Had both Star Wars and Transformers toys been made by the same company in the '80s, they could have bankrupted their competition through the sheer awesomeness of the combination.

Seeing as how both have been around for nearly the same amount of time, it seems a bit forced. While more a canonized fan-character , the company played him up, as they believed his Japan-centered drift racer car mode, red and white rising sun deco and dual samurai swords would appeal to the fans, who ended up finding his Creator's Pet Japan-shilling slightly insulting.

That said, Drift's toy is pretty much agreed to be awesome by the fans, even those who detest the character. On the other hand, the toy was later retooled as Blurr with a new set of guns to replace the swords , so Drift-haters can still experience the figure without actually owning a "Drift".

The latest case of Transformers -related misaimed marketing: For those keeping score, Fall Of Cybertron and its predecessor, Transformers: War for Cybertron tell of the utter brutality of the war between the Autobots and Decepticons; and depict the robots actively killing each other, something that's usually glossed over in most Transformers adaptations, but is becoming increasingly common in works following Beast Machines.

The real kicker, however, is that people complain about the toys for the live action movies; but have yet to say anything about Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime and Jazz figures being sold in conjunction with one of the darkest Transformers adaptations yet.

The Combaticons even got kid-friendly brightly colored decos, as Hasbro believed the more subdued colors of the in-game model wasn't eye-catching enough on store shelves.

On the plus side, it's milder than most of the examples shown here. LEGO presents a very odd example. Then, in , we got a set based on The Simpsons Halo Wars toy sets by Mega Bloks.

It seems reasonable, until you remember that the Halo series in general until 5 is rated M. Mega Bloks in general does have a tendency toward going for licences that fall under this trope.

Ditto for Call of Duty Mega Bloks. This fits a little too well in a kid playset based on a violent FPS. While it is cool to finally have a knight figure from the box cover, the description on the official blog may lead to a Mood Whiplash if you've actually completed the game.

The Red Knight is everything but the only hope of humanity. Specifically, he's the Final Boss and the manifestation of every last unfortunate Lord of Cinder, doomed to live inside Animated Armor for eternity.

The Age of Fire is upon us and the Red Knight is our only hope! Being a huge Cash Cow Franchise and one of the biggest properties for Viacom, SpongeBob SquarePants has fallen into this trope way too many times, especially when it comes to merchandising aimed at children younger than its 6-toyear-old target demographic.

It doesn't help that it's literally the first thing Nickelodeon airs once their Nick Jr. In , Burger King advertised kids' meals based on the show with a commercial featuring While this actually fits pretty well with a series that has its own subpage for Getting Crap Past the Radar , the marketing itself is undeniably Misaimed.

There are SpongeBob SquarePants products aimed towards babies and toddlers, like this potty training seat and this baby romper.

Mind you, SpongeBob is rated TV-Y7, meaning it contains elements that may be considered inappropriate for very little kids. Not to mention that SpongeBob might harm a preschooler's brain!

And yet the products still sell: At one point, Nickelodeon planned to make an entire line of ''SpongeBob'' merchandise for babies , but cancelled it for unexplained reasons.

There are SpongeBob baby wipes and rectal thermometers on the market. As with all Nickelodeon networks, promos for the show air on Nick Jr.

Even with Nick's insistence, new toddler merchandise still gets made. One such piece of merch is a card for children celebrating their fourth birthday.

Cablevision, a New York-based cable provider, once had a commercial with a toddler crying over the episode of SpongeBob he was watching being halted by a bad Wi-Fi signal.

Cablevision then possibly realized that the show was not for toddlers and pulled the ad after a week and a half, replacing it with another one where a girl asks to watch "cartoons", without any actual programs being shown, leaving it to the viewer's imagination to wonder what she was watching.

An ad for a car when the show first came out on DVD shows two kids watching the show. Whilst one kid is in Spongebob's target audience, the kid who wants the DVD put in is no older than four years old.

A Tennessee mall held an event featuring a meet and greet with the characters as part of a pirate-themed anti-bullying initiative.

This may seem like an innocent choice for a meet and greet, until you realize that some episodes do contain bullying in them. The combination of a preschool show with something that isn't for preschoolers seems weird.

There are SpongeBob phonics books for toddlers , being one of the earliest products made for that demographic, with the first version of such program coming out at the same time as the Fisher Price toys.

Another Burger King gem, this time with The Simpsons toys. Y'know, the show that's dealt increasingly bluntly with subjects like animal and child abuse, politics, drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking, anti-establishment jokes, sex, murder, organized crime, torture, and war.

And it references a lot of things that only adults will get or remember — a lot of its humour will go right above kids' heads.

Similarly, White Castle once did a promotion with Family Guy that was aimed at children , and there was once a set of kids' meal toys from the series in The Noughties that were released in Russia, of all places.

As Disney Adventures snarked: Now eat the cereal. Land of the Lustrous: In America, Kodansha has marketed the manga as "An elegant new action manga for fans of Steven Universe!

Cynicism , so it's certainly not guaranteed that you'll enjoy one of them just because you enjoy the other.

It's almost like releasing Soylent Green brand tofu. Besides that issue, part of the Freudian overtones of the EVA designs also make it analogous to amniotic fluids.

Dietary supplements endorsed by Cutey Honey , complete with animated fat Honey trying to lose weight. A Golgo 13 kewpie.

Not that the Devilman and Sirene kewpies are any less insane, but c'mon. Obviously, there are also Evangelion kewpies.

Also, Fist of the North Star ones. There are also Alien vs. Irony , thy name is Kewpie. It Makes Sense in Context , sort of—the brand of candy is featured prominently in the film, as a favorite of the two main characters.

However, considering what happens to them, and that the lack of candy is one of the first signs of their impending death by starvation That's not even the half of it.

That little girl on the packaging? Not only does she die, but her ashes are kept inside that tin of candy. This Puella Magi Madoka Magica wishboard that was put up at Otakon , where convention-goers could write their wishes down on pieces of paper mounted on the board.

Maybe not quite marketing per se, but a strange promotion in context nonetheless - whoever was behind displaying it either hasn't watched the show, else they'd know what making a contract with Kyubey entails , or it's some very Black Comedy.

Then there's this poster to raise awareness of training guide dogs featuring Kyoko Sakura. Even putting aside that they used a character that has absolutely nothing to do with service dogs Sayaka would've been a better choice , the poster is to be displayed in elementary and middle schools.

While it's a for a good cause, they probably be shouldn't be tying it into a series that is not kid-friendly. There were also guide dog posters featuring Rei Ayanami from the Rebuild of Evangelion films.

Convenience stores like and Lawson's regularly run cross-promotions with such series as Detective Conan , Puella Magi Madoka Magica and, yes, Evangelion.

In this case Madoka is a Seinen series, meaning it's aimed at adults even in Japan. And it's easy to see why — how many Magical Girl series can you think of that feature decapitations?

Speaking of decapitations , there was a reversable plush of Charlotte that transforms from the cute form to the evil form that ate Mami , just like the Popples!

They have Madoka Magica inner tubes. Including one shaped like Charlotte's mouth. Even if it didn't have the Charlotte one, it would still be strange because why would Madoka's target audience need an inner tube?

MasterCard Japan released a Madoka credit card. Think about the Faust references in this show, and then the reputations that big banks and credit card corporations have developed, especially since the sub-prime meltdown.

This is also weapons-grade irony, folks. There are also Soul Gem bath bombs. They come in a random assortment like capsule toys.

When a Soul Gem breaks, a magical girl dies. Nice work killing dozens of girls for the sake of the pins inside! Considering how at least the original series is devoid of Fanservice , making underwear based on its characters is remarkably odd.

You can buy a life-sized wearable replica of the Crimson Behilit from Berserk , just like Griffith's. Because who wouldn't want their very own Artifact of Doom that causes its bearer to inevitably make a Deal with the Devil and damn all of their friends and loved ones to a horrific death or worse , followed by eternal torture in Hell, for personal gain?

They also make Griffith plushies. Because who wouldn't want to snuggle with one of the most loathsome villains in anime history? Unsurprisingly, the Griffith plushies are often on clearance at anime merch dealers.

At least they make good chew toys for dogs They've also got a pillow shaped like Dragon Slayer. Because a huge heap of raw iron sure sounds like a comfortable thing to sleep with.

Sure, Vash the Stampede is a Badass Pacifist , but a water gun might be taking it a bit too far It's a good thing they didn't make a Wolfwood one , imagine how much water that would waste.

Primaniacs sells fragrances inspired by anime characters. Not a bad idea, and it certainly makes sense for some of the series featured like Revolutionary Girl Utena and Code: But some of them kind of make you go "huh?

Does Saitama really evoke pleasant smells? Similarly, there were two Attack on Titan perfumes, themed after Eren for men and Mikasa for women.

I love a good Titan musk. An Incredible Hulk children's book series has Hulk going around making friends and helping people.

He's never angry and always huge and green. A sweet, silent guy. See above regarding the "Hulky Pokey" doll and other Marvel madness. The franchise's entire claim to fame is that it's part of the trend of Darker and Edgier , Hotter and Sexier , Bloodier and Gorier comics starring teams of violent Nineties Anti Heroes , which makes you wonder why someone would look at that and think "This would be GREAT as a kid's show!

One week, Bitch Planet and Sex Criminals written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction , respectively launched new issues simultaneously, so a Chicago comic-book chain, noticing that DeConnick and Fraction were married, thought it would be "cute" to announce the two issues in their newsletter by listing the writers as "Mrs.

Matt Fraction" and "Mr. Given that Bitch Planet is about a future where women are increasingly stripped of their agency, the newsletter's implication that DeConnick was the property of her husband did not go over well with fans Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage has to be the most infamous example of this.

The original comics had a lot of violence, swearing, alcohol and tobacco consumption, and the Shredder dying in the first issue.

It had since become a Cash Cow Franchise spawning many cartoons and toys. Usagi Yojimbo gets this to a lesser extent. The comic contains a lot of on-page dismemberment, alcohol consumption, a recurring antagonist who believes he was sent by god to kill sinners, and a sub-plot of Usagi siring an illegitimate child with an already-married woman.

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Myrtle the Witch Slot - Play Free Casino Slots Online -

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